Music and wine 01:00

How your wine passion has begun?

I have an orchestra, not a Favagok Group, but a group of friends where my closest friend saxophonist decided not to drink strong burning spirits anymore. Usually musicians drink - it does not mean a lot or strongly, but only for pleasure. When my friend started drinking wines he understood how it is great. I think that under his influence I decided to find out why wine is good so. In my justification I shall tell that before the social order’s changing the position of the Hungarian Wine-making was catastrophic. We are lucky because we started interesting to wines exactly at that moment when the Hungarian wine-makers were starting to rise.

How the attitude to wine in a circle of your friends for last ten years is changed?

I am very proud to say that I, the friend and more and more extending circle of friends can drink wine properly. This question became so important for us that we try to oppose dealers of low-quality wine. An irreparable injury is put to reputation of Hungarian wines when, for example, slopes are world-distributed under a name of Egri Bikaver. That’s why many wine-makers from Eger and Szekszard avoid giving this name to wines.

Whether there are daily and celebratory wines?

I’m storing daily and celebratory wines separately. Of course, daily wines are tasty too. Frequently, in the evening, sometimes under request of my wife, we open a bottle of wine. In my opinion daily wine is a part of a usual cultural gastronomy. It is not necessary for it a special case but if we have opened a good wine – it‘s already the special case. Nevertheless for special wine a good company, friends with whom it is pleasure to talk is necessary. My friend, saxophonist, I’ve been talking about early had moved to a new apartment. In a fact it was a good occasion, that’s why I came to him for a new good wine tasting immediately. We have played a melody, after wine tasting, later playing a melody, tasting again and so on. It is difficult to imagine anything better in the world.

Are you here at Borfalu for the first time?

Of course, I’m not. Today is not my first time here. I have been visiting the action for several years and feeling myself better and better. I like the organization. Well, let’s choose a next wine…
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